Construction of Bulk Cargo Terminal

Period of Works: 2017 – until now
Customer: Oteko JSC, OTEKO-Portservice Ltd, INTERSTROY Ltd
Contractor: Alsim-Stroy Ltd

The works performed at the facility “CONSTRUCTION OF BULK CARGO TERMINAL”:

Installation and commissioning of equipment for bulk cargo terminal OTEKO-Portservice Ltd, including:

  • stacker reclaimers;
  • shiploaders;
  • conveyor lines including transfer stations with installation of a dust suppression system;
  • installation of technological equipment for cargo defrosting building;
  • installation of ventilation and aspiration systems for the car unloading building (car dumper).

Installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures:

  • Wind wall foundations;
  • Conveyor racks foundations;
  • Foundations of cable racks;
  • Foundations of technical and drinking water tanks;
  • Foundations of transborder buildings and cargo defrost buildings;
  • Transfer station foundations;
  • Foundations of transformer and distribution substations.

Installation of metal structures, including:

  • Windproof walls;
  • Main frame and auxiliary structures of cargo defrosting buildings;
  • Cable racks.

Works of the AR section, including:

  • Installation of enclosing structures for buildings of transfer stations, conveyor galleries, buildings for cargo defrosting;
  • Filling openings;
  • Finishing work;
  • Installation of roof fencing and drainage systems.




196066 Saint Petersburg, 161 Bld. 2, Liter A,
room 5-c No. 9 Leninskiy Prospekt,