WHSD. Service Bridges

Saint Petersburg
Period of Works: 2014-2015
Customer: Northern Capital Highway Ltd.
General Contractor: CODEST

The works realized:
Erection of service bridges which were implemented to launch superstructures of the Central Area of WHSD. One of the service bridges is located between piers IV-16 and IV-17, total weight of the bridges amounting up to 2130 tons. The girder of blocks preassembled before launching weights up to 3000 tons. After every stage of launching five blocks are preassembled to form the following girder. The end-stop of the launching is pier IV-10. The total length of the superstructure, including that of the sea channel, is 870 meters. The height of the passway between the carriage way and water surface is approximately 50 meters. The span structure ensures bi-directional traffic on different layers.




196066 Saint Petersburg, 161 Bld. 2, Liter A,
room 5-c No. 9 Leninskiy Prospekt,